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website designer warwickHi, my name is Andy, and I am a freelance website designer in Rugby. I started off by designing a website for my own Distribution company, and as a favour I built a few for some friends. As I started to receive recommendations, I decided to take it up as a profession as a website designer in Rugby. I have designed websites for clients in various industries, such as beauty, massage therapy, opticians, and manufacturers. Each client comes with different requirements and i work with them to reach their goals.

I use WordPress as a base for building my websites as it’s very flexible and caters to all types of website designs, such as online stores, business profiles, and everything in between.


As part of my service, I also deal with your website’s SEO. Search engine optimization makes sure your website is google friendly and improves the ranking of your website. If your website does not have the SEO work done, then your website will not show up on google when someone searches for the service or product you are trying to promote.

If this is your first website, I can also help you out with the initial setup, as you will need to purchase your domain name (the name of your website) and hosting (the place where your website files and database will live).

APP Development

Another service I provide is Mobile App Development. While I personally do not build the Apps, I project manage a team of experienced artwork designers and developers. As the Project Manager, I oversee the whole process from start to finish. This involves working with the client on the design and feel of the App. Designing the artwork for each page. Completing the flow chart for the APP, which means the order in which the App flows when a button is pressed and what action is taken. When the App is ready, I also deal with setting the client’s developer’s accounts with Google, and Apple. When the Apps are ready, we then take care of releasing the Apps to the App stores. One of my Apps can be viewed Here.


I also provide a branding service, so if you are starting a new company or a new brand, we can take care of designing your new logo to give your company its own unique identity.

My work can be viewed here.


To increase your ranking in search engines, Google likes websites to be structured in a certain way. We take care of this as part of our builds.

Responsive design

We build clean and responsive websites that adjust to the viewer's device. Our websites format perfectly on desktops, mobiles phones, and tablets.


We can create all types of online stores for any business. Your viewers can browse your products, add them to their basket and check out securely.